Welcome to Module Seven (Intro)

Welcome to module seven, where we’re talking about motivating sound play. As we take baby steps in the direction of making sounds, we’ll continue to do this playfully – with silly songs, actions, and sounds. We’ll learn about each of these in the upcoming lessons. I’ll see you there! 

You can read more about The Benefits of Play for Adults on the Washington Post.

I was so excited to read about the specific benefits including: 

  • Relieving stress
  • Improving brain function
  • Stimulating the mind and boost creativity
  • Improving relationships and connection to others
  • Keeping you feeling young and energetic

Before you move on…

Make sure that your little one is as ready to move on as you are! Make sure that you’ve completed the skills checklist from the previous module. If you have, you are ready to take this next step.