Two Types of Toys to Avoid

Testimonial: “I realized most of the toys my son had were battery-operated. I immediately followed your advice and either got rid of all those toys or took out the batteries. Not only did I find that my day was more peaceful without all those annoying sounds the toys made, but I found that I was more vocal while playing with my son and he was beginning to imitate me more frequently. What a success!”

-Yesenia C.

In this video, we talked about my top two types of toys to avoid. These are:

  • Battery-operated toys that make sounds or speak (so that the child doesn’t have to), and 
  • Academic toys aim to teach colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and so on. Right now, the focus should be on functional words rather than the type of learning they might do in kindergarten. 

Check out this list of toys again that I recommend. Remember, there’s no magic toy. Toys do NOT make children talk. They are tools. It is the adult who helps push that child forward from just being entertained by a toy, to learning during play with a toy. It’s not the toy; it’s how you use the toy.