Toy Organization

In this video, we talked about organizing your toys. Here are my top tips:

Here’s a link to my favorite kind of organizational bin. It has really strong snaps, is clear so you can see what’s inside, and has a tray to keep smaller items organized. 

  • Have 10 quality toys visible. 
  • Keep toys separate. 
  • Make sure that the child can immediately see what is available.
  • Make sure the space is not overly stimulating. 
  • Make the space inviting.
  • Give each toy a place to be returned to. 
  • Keep some toys open for grabs and others in bins. 
  • Keep some toys “special” – visible but out of reach. 

I’d also recommend that you rotate your toys to keep your child entertained more easily rather than having to get them new toys. It’s a great energy and money saver!

Sharing time: Organizing your toys

Are your child’s toys organized this way, or do you have another method that works for your family? Tell us about it on our Facebook group so that other parents can learn from what works for you. We’d love to see a photo of your toy space, if you want to share!