The Secret Ingredient

Movement is my secret ingredient in teaching language. Seriously! Decades of research indicates that movement has huge benefits for children and adults. This includes:

  1. Strengthening learning, 
  1. Improving memory and retrieval, and 
  1. Enhancing motivation and morale

For the next week, I’d like you to select three movement activities you are going to use for speech practice with your child once a day this week. Use  the “Movement Activities” printout (which includes a one-week calendar to help you).

Activity ideas:

  • Tag
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Race around the yard
  • Chase
  • Squirting the garden hose and running away
  • Stomping in puddles
  • Jumping in piles of leaves
  • Toss in the air
  • Swing
  • “Around we go” song (lyrics are in the workbook)
  • Tunnel Activities

Looking for more ideas? 

Try using a tunnel for movement. It’s my secret weapon for super engaging speech therapy with young children. You can use it in so many different ways.

Here are some ideas for how to use the tunnel:

You can also check out this blog called “12 simple tunnel games” for more ideas.

Before you move on…

Print out the calendar for this lesson, pick three activities to use with your child and do this for a week.


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