The Power of Simplification

In this video, we looked at how you can help your child imitate sounds by choosing a small number of simple words. Simple words have very few different sounds and few syllables (preferably one).

The next time you go to sit down with your child and play, create a mental list of five, simple words you plan to use, and focus on those for 5 to 10 minutes of play. Repeat them over and over, very slowly. Try and get the child to focus on your mouth while you’re saying a word by holding a toy up next to it.

If you choose to do a paint activity or shaving cream activity like you saw in my videos, I’ve made it easy for you by including a list of suggested words in your workbook. 

I’m just always super careful to keep the shaving cream out of little eyes and mouths and to not leave them alone with it! But if your child likes putting things in their mouths then using cool whip might be better.


The principles of simplifying, slowing down, and pausing are based on teachings from the Hanen Program: Pepper, J., Weitzman, E., H  Ayala Manolson and Mcgill University. Hanen Early Language Parent Program (2004). It takes two to talk : a practical guide for parents of children with language delays. Toronto, Ont.: Hanen Program, pp.6