Silly Songs

In this lesson, we talked about speech therapy techniques used to encourage children to start vocalizing. I talked about the use of ‘motherese’ – which is a sing-song way of talking to small children. This really grabs a child’s attention. Even if this does not come naturally to you, I would encourage you to learn to do this.

The other technique is through the use of songs. The goal now is to try and see if you can get your child to sing or hum along with you. Now, there simply isn’t a way to force them to do this, but your enthusiasm, words, and body language can give them a push in the right direction. I introduced two songs here: ‘Five Little Ducks” and “Slippery Fish.” You can buy some props to go with these songs at the links below on Amazon. Props make things so much more fun!

Here are three toy suggestions that are great props to have when working with silly songs:

If the motherese and singing aren’t working to make your child vocalize, I have another trick up my sleeve. Try joining a music group with other children your child’s age. It can work wonders!


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