Module Eight Wrap Up

As you’re teaching your child sign language, remember to go three signs at a time. Start small and go from there. See you in module 9!

Looking for more signs? Here’s 50 baby signs with animations. 

Before you move on…

Is your child getting comfortable with the concept of signing? Are they starting to use it in a meaningful way and communicating effectively with it? Complete the skills checklist in the workbook before moving on and reflect on where your child is.

Sharing time: What was the most impactful tool or concept that you learned?

Before you move on, I’d love it if you would share one thing that you learned in this module that has really made a difference to your child’s speech and language development. 

  • What did you try, and how did your child respond? 
  • Have you introduced any new activities in your house to make speech and language learning a consistent part of your day?
  • What suggestions would you make to other parents whose children are at a similar stage to yours?

There is so much that we can learn from each other, so I can’t wait to read about how you’ve been applying your learning so far.