Intro – 10 Essential Things to Know

In this first video, I explained ten essential things that I want parents to know about young children and their development. The are listed below with links to resources that I mentioned.

  1. Hearing
  2. Nutrition: Check out this page for nutrition info.
  3. Sleep:
    1. Check out this link about food for better sleep
    2. Here is the Sleep and Behavior Tips YT playlist
    3. Info on How much sleep is best?
  4. Increase Peer Interaction
  5. Decrease Binkies
  6. Decrease Screen Time
  7. Social Skills are important: Watch my videos on autism characteristics and talk to your doctor about your concerns.
  8. Hyper-sensitive or Under-sensitive? Look into “sensory integration disorder”
  9. Eating, swallowing, drooling issues? Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns
  10. Take care of yourself!

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