Increase Bonding Time

In this video, we talked about ways to increase social skills. One of the primary ways to do this is to spend 15 minutes getting down onto the child’s level (literally, on the floor) and making eye contact and connecting without any distractions. For a child that is avoiding eye contact, it is necessary to enforce that behavior by being in their line of vision. Bonding is important. If you’re a mom with postpartum depression or anxiety this may be really hard. You should seek medical help – you will get better! 

Before you move on…

For this lesson, please try out the following suggestions: 

  1. Complete the postpartum checklist. 
  2. Find 15 minutes today to connect with your child.
  3. Reflect on your bonding opportunities. 
  4. Connect with someone in your support network.

Sharing time: Your favorite social activities

Please let us know how this is going on Facebook. Share the social activities you are using in the place of screen time, or share a link to the song or game that worked best for you. We can learn so much from each others’ experiences. Good luck!


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