Food Vocabulary

In this lesson, I talked about how you can make mealtimes a vocabulary teaching time for your child. In a nutshell, you would take three food items at a time and start eating one while repeating the name of that food item over and over. Hopefully, the child will copy you and pick the same food item. Eventually, you want to say the name of a food item and have them pick it out among the other types of food. As with getting dressed, mealtime isn’t the best time for some children. If this is your child, play that you are feeding pretend food to some of their favorite toys. Whichever method you use, remember to keep things playful and have fun with the toddler.

Before you move on…

Go through the food items checklist in your workbook. You may want to fill in some types of food that are often eaten in your household.

Here is a toy suggestion that is great for working on food vocabulary: