Encouraging Independence

In this lesson, we looked at how you can recognise when your child is ready to take this next step and explored a couple of techniques that you can use to encourage your child to sign. This involves less prompting, less modelling, less helping.  If the child is getting very frustrated and not managing, you may need to back off (just put less pressure on them and leave the signing for a while) or back up (meaning that you need to go back and make sure all the skills from the previous steps of this course are in place). Remember that as you sign you are saying the words as well, so we are hoping that the child will learn to start saying the words as they practice the signs.

Before you move on…

Sing the “Ride a Little Horsey” song you saw me use in the video clip with the little girl. I used it to teach the sign for “again” but you could use it for teaching the signs for “more,” “please” or “again.” The lyrics are included in your workbook.