Early Social Development

Your child’s social language skills

Children develop at different rates, but there are specific skills that your child should have, depending on their age. Here is an infographic showing some key social language milestones to help you assess your child’s development. 

If your child’s not doing these things at these ages, this is something to work on. Lacking some of these skills past 12 months can be a red flag for a developmental delay or disorder like autism. 

What I refer to as “social development,” “social engagement, ”or “social connection” in this course is related to the field of study that professionals may refer to as “pragmatics” or “social communication” and your doctor may refer to as “social skills.” 

Find out more about Autism 

I have a series of videos on YouTube that explain Autism ‘red flags’ and what to expect if your child has been diagnosed. Take a look if you are concerned about your child and seek an evaluation from a qualified health professional.

The Autism Speaks website is another excellent resource.