Decrease Screentime

In this video, we talked about the effects of screen time on children’s language development. If you cut this down and replace it with social time, you will see a change in your child’s ability to interact. I’ve seen this first-hand many times – and I know that you can benefit from this simple trick, too. 

Before you move on…

For this lesson: 

  1. Identify how much time your child is spending on any type of screen, on average each day, and decrease it by 25%. 
  2. Write a self-reflection. Take a moment to reflect on why you may be using technology with your child. Be honest with yourself so that we can recognize and address the reasons why. If the reason is that you feel overwhelmed, the next step may be to reach out to one of the people you listed on your support system and ask them for some help.

Testimonial: “We removed all tablets and screen time for now. It’s amazing how much it seems to have impacted my boys.” 

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