One School, Two Courses

Course 1

How to teach a toddler to talk

Follow a step-by-step video guide to learn skills to help your child become a confident communicator with stronger social skills and a better understanding of language. 

how to teach a toddler to talk

10 Modules - 4 hours
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Course 2

Teaching Phrases and Simple Sentences

Learn how to teach children the skills to create meaningful phrases and simple sentence through educational songs and games.

Teaching Phrases and Simple Sentences

8 Modules - 2 hours
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Why wait? Make a difference in your toddler’s life today

You need to know what to do and your child needs to learn to communicate. You can’t afford to spend months on a waitlist or to “wait and see” if your child catches up on their own.

Learn to help your child with my simple, step-by-step process that fits into your daily routines. By modifying what you’re doing, you will get more value out of the time spent on language therapy for your child. 

Just 15 minutes of practice each day can make the difference and help you connect with your toddler. Many of the parents I’ve coached see remarkable results in a short period of time.