Original Children’s Books

Written and Illustrated by Kayla Chalko

Kayla’s passion is to empower families with skills to help their child communicate more effectively, and she is proud to share her original children’s books with the world. Each picture is painted by hand and many of the characters are inspired by real children she has worked with as a speech-language pathologist.

Twinsie Turtles


Brother and Sister Twinsie Turtles are similar, but not the same. They are good at different things, and that’s okay. But both are great at being Twinsie Turtles! This book celebrates the differences between siblings and emphasizes the love between family members.


Colorful and Engaging

"This is such a delightful book. It is easy to follow, and the pictures are colorful and beautiful. Highly recommended for young children!!"

Dr. Celeste Roseverry-McKibbin

CCC-SLP, Amazon Bestselling Author

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Little Kangaroo is Turning Two

Little Kangaroo is turning two! Whoo-hoo! But what does he want for his birthday? Maybe new shoes, or new toys? Or maybe, new pajama-roos?

Art for Me

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes; grown-ups, children, and dinosaurs too. It’s okay, we all do. This is a social narrative designed for young children who struggle with perfectionism and OCD type behaviors. The story is especially useful for children with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The story normalizes making mistakes and provides a strategy for coping with the resulting anxiety and frustration. The story starts with the character Rex who makes mistakes and then goes on to explain how kids and even adults make mistakes, and that’s okay. Painful emotions are named and normalized in this sweet social story.

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Art for Me


A little mouse lives in an art gallery and tonight is the big art show. Can he find any art that is right for him? Join the curious mouse as he looks at each exciting painting and learns what art he enjoys best.