Teaching Phrases and Simple Sentences






Skill Level

2 h




Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Preparing a toddler’s brain for the phrases stage

Lesson 2: What are true words?

Lesson 1: Fine Motor Activities

Lesson 2: Gross Motor Activities

Lesson 1: Sensory Activities
Lesson 2: Pretend Play Activities

Lesson 1: More Phrases and Less Sentences

Lesson 2: Wait

Lesson 1: Create a Predictable Patern

Lesson 2: Plus One Rule

Lesson 1: Withholding

Lesson2: Three-Tims Rule

Lesson 3: Mess Things Up

 Lesson 1: Three-Word Phrases and Simple Sentences

Lesson 2: Teaching “I hear”

Lesson 3: Teaching “I see”

Lesson 4: Teaching “I want”

Lesson 1: When to worry about clarity of speech

Lesson 2: When to worry about grammar


If you have a child who needs help learning to use phrases and simple sentnece, this is your step-by-step guide.

In this 8 Module course, you’ll watch a series of bite-sized engaging videos of speech therapy in action!

Kayla Chalko will walk you through the exact process of how and when to use these language-enhancing techniques. 

Each Module includes homework assignments of specific activities, games, and songs to use with your child for the daily practice of communication skills. Kayla takes the guesswork out of teaching a child to talk.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This program is ideal for parents or professionals with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years who are talking but may have an expressive/receptive language delay. The course also covers important skills for teaching children with pragmatic and social skill delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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