How to Teach a Toddler to Talk

Follow a step-by-step video guide to learn skills to help your child become a confident communicator with stronger social skills and a better understanding of language.






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Do you ever feel like...

  • Your child would be happier if they could communicate their wants and needs to you?

  • Your pediatrician told you to "wait and see" but you still feel worried?

  • You feel guilt and worried you are doing something wrong but don't know what to try next?

  • You feel lost on how to help your child and need a plan?

  • You would rather spend less time wondering and more time making progress with your child?

  • You waste time trying to figue things out on your own and then spend hours Googling what to do?

Can You Imagine...

  • Saving HOURS of researching allowing you to make progress now!

  • Understanding your child's needs and wants

  • Building a deeper more meaningful connection with your child

If any of this resonated with you, my course has exactly what you need!

60+ Training Videos

from the basics of teaching to the secrets of the trade I've learned over 10+ years

Printable Workbook

to walk you through the training videos and assignments with me
*premium subscription

30+ Activities and Songs

to practice at home with your child with little to no prep or materials needed

Priority Access to me

through email and a private facebook group *premium subscription

Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: Early Social Development
  • Lesson 2: Decrease Screentime
  • Lesson 3: Increase Connection
  • Lesson 4: Maximize Daily Routines
  • Lesson 5: Social Games and Songs

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Early Milestones for Play
Lesson 2: Four Types of Toys to Look For
Lesson 3: Two Types of Toys to Avoid
Lesson 4: Toy Organization

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Six Play Stages
Lesson 2: Prioritizing Peer Play
Lesson 3: Two Activities with Peers
Lesson 4: Two Songs with Peers

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Early Developing Responses
Lesson 2: Responding to Gestures
Lesson 3: Responding to Pointing
Lesson 4: Responding to Names

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Following Simple One-Step Directions 

Lesson 2: Understanding Daily Routines

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Developmental Milestones for Receptive Vocabulary
Lesson 2: Body Parts Vocabulary
Lesson 3: Clothing Vocabulary
Lesson 4: Food Vocabulary

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

 Lesson 1: Milestones of Vocalization
Lesson 2: Silly Songs
Lesson 3: Silly Actions
Lesson 4: Silly Sounds

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: No-Pressure Modeling
Lesson 2: Teaching Signs in 7 Steps
Lesson 3: Encouraging Independence

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: No-Pressure Play
Lesson 2: The Power of Simplification
Lesson 3: Verbal Imitation in 7 Steps
Lesson 4: Tracking New Sounds

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Lesson 1: Mastering Motivation
Lesson 2: The Secret Ingredient
Lesson 3: Three Keys to Success

Wrap Up and What’s Next

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice


In this 10 Module course, you’ll watch a series of bite-sized engaging videos of speech therapy in action! Kayla will walk you through the exact process of how and when to use these language-enhancing techniques. 

Each Module includes homework assignments of specific activities, games, and songs to use with your child for the daily practice of communication skills. Kayla takes the guesswork out of teaching a child to talk.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This program is ideal for parents or professionals with children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years who are late talkers or children with expressive/receptive language delays. The course also covers important skills for teaching children with pragmatic and social skill delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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