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Give Your Child The Gift of Speech

Speech Therapist, Kayla Chalko, offers a powerful online program that supports parents and therapists using a series of bite-sized video lessons filled with research-supported speech therapy techniques.

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One Online School, Two Courses

This video program is ideal for parents or professionals with children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years who are late talkers or children with expressive/receptive language delays. The course also covers important skills for teaching children with pragmatic and social skill delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Course 1

How to teach a toddler to talk

Follow a step-by-step video guide to learn skills to help your child become a confident communicator with stronger social skills and a better understanding of language. 

how to teach a toddler to talk

10 Modules - 4 hours
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Course 2

Teaching Phrases and Simple Sentences

Learn how to teach children the skills to create meaningful phrases and simple sentence through educational songs and games.

Teaching Phrases and Simple Sentences

8 Modules - 2 hours
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This is a crucial language learning period in a young child's life

Kayla Chalko is excited to share her expertise in how to maximize your child’s learning.


I Am Kayla Chalko.

With over 10 years of experience working with children, I’ve helped build and grow the communication skills of over 2,000 families around the world. In the constantly changing field of speech-language pathology, it is my mission to provide families and professionals with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies to improve a child’s speech and language abilities.

As a speech therapist, I know the importance of helping your baby learn to talk.

You want what’s best for your child, both today and long term. You want to understand your child’s thoughts and feelings, but can’t because of delayed language development. You wish to help your child, but find yourself feeling lost and overwhelmed—unsure of what steps to take.

Add to that the cost of speech therapy, complex insurance policies, 12+ month waitlists, and the feeling of uncertainty—and it’s clear you may find yourself feeling helpless and unable to sleep at night, worrying about your toddler and unsure how delayed their development is, or how to help them.

That’s why I created the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Program. I’ve experienced the heartbreak of having a child in the family struggle to communicate, which is why I’m focused on creating more accessible speech therapy programs for kids.

My program gives you the tools and guidance needed to make an immediate difference in your child’s life.

Why become a member of the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Online Program?

  • Take part in two, fun and engaging courses at home. Track your child’s development with a professional curriculum designed by a passionate speech pathologist.
  • Skip the waitlist entirely. We’ve created an online course that gives your child the support they need—right away. 
  • Save thousands on speech therapy. Engage with up to 12 months of speech therapy content at home, saving thousands in the process. 
  • Improve verbal and communication skills. Work directly with your child as they build the confidence needed to communicate.
  • Multiple membership plans. You want what’s best for your child, which is why we offer the three membership plans so you can choose what works for you.

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“Chalko’s enthusiasm for working with children is clear… For months, we tried just about everything for our son and were amazed by how quickly he responded to the Walkie Talkie lessons. He’s made so much progress, and we could not be happier with the course!”​

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Speech therapy should be affordable and accessible

One-on-one sessions with a speech therapist can cost more than $300 per hour. Our program offers all immediate help for as low as $49/month.

PLUS, finding the right speech therapist is hard. They may be located too far away, too expensive, or have limited availability.

Our DIY speech therapy program puts you in direct control of your child’s speech development, giving you all the tools you need to help them today.

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Why wait? Make a difference in your toddler’s life today

You need to know what to do and your child needs to learn to communicate. You can’t afford to spend months on a waitlist or to “wait and see” if your child catches up on their own.

Learn to help your child with my simple, step-by-step process that fits into your daily routines. By modifying what you’re doing, you will get more value out of the time spent on language therapy for your child. 

Just 15 minutes of practice each day can make the difference and help you connect with your toddler. Many of the parents I’ve coached see remarkable results in a short period of time.

Get Immediate Help With Your Child's Speech Delay

Become a member and see meaningful results in your child’s social and speech development with our online speech therapy program.

What people are saying

My online speech therapy program is designed to educate parents and professionals on how they can boost a child’s speech development. Over 2,00 families have enrolled in my online course over the past three years. I’ve receive daily emails with success stories of children becoming more engaged, more social, understanding directions, imitating new sounds, and using words.

You gave me so many skills to implement with my son, I honestly feel like I'm constantly telling others about it because less than a year ago my son could only say mommy, point, wave, fist pump, and now he's almost reading and saying and repeating everything!!!!"

Yesenia C.

Mother of a child with Autism

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